The Week's Links (5/6/12)

All the links posted to Twitter and Facebook this week: 

  • Leoš Janáček was crazy: What I’ve Learned This Week
  • Technology Review’s Emerging
  • Textual Playlists
  • The genius of Alfred Hitchcock - in
  • New World Symphony Tries Remix of Classical Music for iPod
  • 20 Great Art Institutions to Follow on Tumblr, From the MoMA Library to the Museum of Wildlife Art
  • Creative Collaboration Lessons From A NY City Ballet Pas De Deux
  • Top 10 most expensive works of art sold at auction - in pictures
  • Scott Wilson: Do What You Think Is Right & Apologize Later
  • From the 99% Conference Radiolab Explores Creativity and Failure
  • Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses
  • 8 Visionaries on How They Spot the
  • MIT & Harvard open classes: ‘The Single Biggest Change in Education Since the Printing Press’
  • Is Instagram the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Photography?
  • Michael Bierut on rebranding
  • So fantastic: Harvard and M.I.T. Offer Free Online Courses
  • Urban Legends: See 45 Years Of Street Art From Around The World
  • Adobe CS6 gets a new interface and over the top new packaging.
  • The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams
  • No Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Understanding social media in
  • 3 Simple Tips for Better Meetings
  • Henry Rollins Advice For Young
  • The Poster that Launched a Movement (Or Not): Does political graphic design matter?
  • ‘Carnivàle’ Creator Bypasses Hollywood, Launches Transmedia Story ‘Haunted’
  • Creativity Top 5: May 1, 2012
  • Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?
  • The Origins of the World’s Most Important Typefaces
  • Don’t Overthink It: 5 Tips for Daily Decision-Making
  • Three Years of Kickstarter Projects.
  • Fantastic History of Neue Haas Grotesk and Helvetica /via @daringfireball
  • The design of a signage typeface. Another great type story via
  • Facebook’s ‘Life-Saving’ Feature: Organ Donation Status on Timeline
  • Do you worship the tools of your trade as much as ballerinas worship their pointe shoes?
  • 2012 Logo Trends -
  • Adobe & HTML, is a compilation of all the things Adobe is doing to support HTML. Interesting resource.
  • Modern Web Development Part 1 – The Webkit Inspector. An in-depth /via @paul_irish
  • A Look At Art with Stephen Fry
  • Fantastic essay on punctuation marks. [PDF]
  • ‘Prometheus’ TV commercial to feature live tweets, Zeebox tie-in
  • Is it time to ditch the pitch? Isn’t there a better way to buy design?
  • What Are You Tweeting For?
  • How Geniuses Think - thinking strategies commonly used to creative
  • Thinking in a Foreign Language Makes Decisions More Rational

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