Australian Government Documentary Series: The House with Annabel Crabb

An unprecedented look at how the Australian government works.  One of the most interesting and well produced documentaries I've seen all year. 

The House With Annabel Crabb Episode 1 - Join Annabel Crabb on an all-access visit to Australia's Parliament House. As the 45th Parliament opens with a cast of apprehensive new MPs & an unpredictable Senate, Annabel takes us on a tour of the engine room.
The House With Annabel Crabb Episode 2 - Annabel explores the peculiar pitfalls of a workplace where all comes unstuck if 76 people can't successfully sprint to a designated point within 4 mins. She also reveals something unnerving about the coat of arms.
The House With Annabel Crabb Episode 3 - A behind-the-scenes look at just how much plotting, planning and rehearsal goes into the brutal piece of political performance theatre that is Question Time in the House of Representatives.
The House With Annabel Crabb Episode 4 - Annabel steps into the intoxicating world of the Senate, presided over by Senate President Stephen Parry (a former cop and undertaker) and his Clerk Rosemary Laing, an expert in 17th century British poetry.
The House With Annabel Crabb Episode 5 - Annabel inveigles her way into the building's Members-only dining room to hear a startling confession from former PM Tony Abbott. Plus a visiting dignitary, a look inside the Cabinet room & Nick Xenophon uncovers his plates.
The House With Annabel Crabb Episode 6 - The last week of Parliament arrives, full of Christmas parties & knotty legislative business which politicians have left to the last minute to fix. Security faces challenges as protesters infiltrate the building.

Antonio Ortiz

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