Seeing Beyond The Human Eye: PBS Off Book

There has been much talk about the Higgs Boson lately. Now that it has been discovered it has redefined quantum physics. It was always there, we just couldn't see it. In this episode of PBS Off Book, they explore everything that is beyond the human eye. 

Technology defies the boundaries of human perception. From photomicrography to astrophotography, size and distance are no longer barriers, and through slow-mo and timelapse, we are allowed to see time and humanity in a new light. Through our curiosity and thirst for the unknown, the beauty of the universe can now be explored beyond the limits of the naked eye.

Liza A. Pon, PhD, Columbia University
Peter Lipschutz, Hayden Planetarium
Mike Nichols, Albecine
Jonathan Bregel, Variable
Cameron Michael

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