Thomas Pynchon's E-Book Novels Trailer

Thomas Pynchon’s novels will finally be released as e-books -

For the first time, Thomas Pynchon’s back catalog will be available as e-books starting Wednesday. Pynchon was a major writer whose absence from the e-book canon was notable — particularly since his most avid readers tend to be intellectually curious, the kind of people who are often technology’s early adopters.

The Penguin Press asked Pentagram to create a trailer to promote the release of the complete collection of Thomas Pynchon’s ebooks

New at Pentagram: Thomas Pynchon:

Partner Michael Bierut, a longtime Pynchon fan, worked with animator and musician Teddy Blanks of CHIPS to create a 64-second tribute to a body of work that has enthralled readers for years, and which will now reach millions more in the digital realm. The author himself, however, is unlikely to be among that number. According to the publisher, “He likes to read in print.”