The Week's Links (2.19.12)

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  • The Future Of Ethics In Branding ethics and advertising work hand in hand?
  • Mystery (A TED Remix)
  • Super Bowl Halftime Show Stage
  • What’s on the Menu? Help transcribe The New York Public Library’s historical menu /via @brainpicker
  • Copy, Transform, Combine: Everything Is A Remix, The Complete Series
  • Copy, Transform, Combine: Everything Is A Remix, The Complete Series
  • Infographic: Designing the Perfect Blockbuster Movie Poster
  • Eddie Izzard’s Fake McCartney Bio This is how you do a tribute toast.
  • Nike’s new marketing mojo How they wrote a new playbook for the digital era.
  • MoMA Plans Kraftwerk
  • How do you create? (A TED Remix)
  • Check out this student made The Dark Knight Rises title sequence, in the spirit of
  • Studio 360 asks, are computers creative?
  • The Moth and 15 other orgs in 6 countries receive MacArthur Genius Grants
  • A Look Inside Mobile Design
  • Social Media and Maslow’s Hierarchy of
  • Apple Announces OS X Mountain Lion. Check out a sneak preview. Available to Devs
  • How NASA Makes Those Incredible High-Res Images of Earth
  • Netflix’s Head Of Content Sarandos On Original Programming Strategy TV will be very different this time next year.
  • The Race For The Second Screen: Engagement And Insight
  • The Race For The Second Screen: The Show’s The Thing
  • The Race For The Second Screen: 5 Apps That Are Shaping Social TV
  • Storytelling (A TED Remix)
  • Without books, can cinema survive?
  • Fast Company’s The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2012 Some surprises and unknowns.
  • Scott Belsky: Is It Urgent, Or Is It Important?
  • TED launches TED Quotes
  • Visual Arts Briefs » Steven Heller, Debbie Millman and Alice Twemlow on the 2012 Campaign Logos
  • 12 Hand-Written Love Letters From Famous People, From Henry VIII To Michael
  • Creativity Top 5: February 14,
  • The money has gone, so make love our alternative currency
  • The Meaning of Life (A TED Remix)
  • Valentine’s Day and the shocking science of romance
  • Love, Explained: The Science of
  • Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? - A Classic Article from The Atlantic 1982 About The Diamond Industry
  • What is Love?
  • On Valentine’s Day 1884, Theodore Roosevelt’s wife & mother both died. His heartbreaking diary entry from that day
  • The Cabinet of Dreams Grey London’s window in Soho is a Valentine’s gift shop for charity.
  • Understanding Kickstarter in light of the recent campaign that raised $1M in 8hrs.
  • The Meaning of Work (A TED Remix) In case you missed it.
  • The Miraculous NASA Breakthroughs That Could Save Millions of Lives is amazing.
  • How Higher Education Uses Social
  • Critical Thinking: A Field Guide In 6 Short
  • Focus Tips From The 99 Percent
  • Why does Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ make everyone cry? Science has found the

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