The Week's Links (1.22.12)

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  • No SOPA for you (What I Learned This Week)
  • The Connection Between Good Nutrition and Good Cognition You think what you eat.
  • Jonah Lehrer on concussions in adolescents and the future of football - Grantland
  • Web addicts have brain changes similar to those hooked on drugs or alcohol, preliminary research suggests.
  • Your Storytelling Brain
  • This is Your Brain on Shakespeare
  • Band Give Fans New, Free Content For Boosting Its Presence On
  • The Emigre Font Library is now available in Web Font format
  • <Code/Racer> turns learning to code into a game. A nice complement to Code Academy
  • A Brief History of Media by Dan
  • Understanding Adobe Photoshop Covers a lot of techniques.
  • Break Bad Patterns by Taking Your Errors to Heart
  • Most Interesting Libraries of the
  • Tim Burton’s The World of Stainboy: Watch the Complete Animated Series
  • PBS Arts: Off Book - Episode 13: The Evolution of Music Online
  • Original Creators: Wassily
  • Fight For The Future: SOPA & PIPA Break The Internet
  • End Piracy, Not Liberty
  • Can These Simple Cartoons Help Redesign Education?
  • 2011 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate (The Theory of Everything)
  • PressPausePlay: The Complete Documentary About Digital Culture
  • Game Theory 101: Game Theory Made
  • 200,000 Martin Luther King Papers Go
  • 10 Essential Civil Rights Movement Photographers
  • Want to create an ARG? There may soon be an app for that
  • Rally for the Future of Tech NY Tech Meetup on 1/18 to protest SOPA
  • Why Creative Teaching is Essential For the Information Age

Antonio Ortiz

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