The Week's Links (1.15.12)

All the links posted to Facebook and Twitter this week: 

  • Obama Administration Responds to We the People Petitions on SOPA and Online Piracy | The White House
  • How crossword puzzles mess with your
  • New research finds we’re better able to identify genuinely creative ideas when they’ve emerged from the unconscious.
  • Damn: Cognitive decline sets in as early as
  • The Joy of Books : Organizing the
  • The Willpower Trick because willpower is incredibly feeble.
  • One Minute With | Awesome Interviews with Awesome Designers Great stories.
  • Check out Raven’s free Google Analytics Configuration Tool
  • To Know, but Not Understand: David Weinberger on Science and Big
  • Fotoshop by Adobé, A Satirical Look at the Beauty Industry
  • Why Aren't Computer Programming Languages Designed Better?
  • Conductor stops concert due to loud ringing phone. I love tech but you go to a concert you turn your phone off, please.
  • Branding 10,000 Lakes: One Minnesota Lake. One Logo. Every day. By
  • The Complete History Of Art References In The Simpsons Love this.
  • TED2012 speaker lineup revealed. It's a great lineup.
  • Greek national gallery robbed of Picasso, Mondrian
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Opening Credits
  • 50 Classic Automobile Typography Some amazing designs.
  • Legendary Copywriter Steve Hayden Retires at Ogilvy
  • “Why’s this so good?” No. 27: Christopher Goffard tracks love in flight
  • “Why’s this so good?” No. 26: Moehringer KO’s a mystery
  • “Why’s this so good?” No. 25: Nick Paumgarten’s tower of terror
  • “Why’s this so good?” No. 24: Gay Talese on Joe DiMaggio
  • “Why’s this so good?” No. 23: William Langewiesche’s voice of experience
  • Terry Gilliam: On Ideas, Unlearning & Avoiding Debt
  • 150 Reasons to Mourn Target and Wieden + Kennedy's Split
  • .@StevenLevy questions: Has Google Popped the Filter Bubble? with comment from @elipariser
  • Google introduces Search, plus Your World, toggle between your filters and the rest of the world in your search results....
  • PepsiCo's CEO Indra Nooyi shares 5 points to deal with Uncertainty
  • The Harvard Business Review List of Audacious Ideas
  • Did you know David Bowie spent a year working in advertising?
  • Google's Think Quarterly next issue, focused on Speed, is now online.
  • Creativity Top 5: January 9, 2012
  • Imagine few people left, internet barely working, what information could you download to ensure your survival?
  • Simple thoughts about fair use and Great tips from Seth Godin.
  • Animator Letters Project Words of wisdom from working animators to people just starting their careers.
  • Elementary, My Dear SOPA
  • Five Ways to Flip Your Classroom With The New York Times

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