The Week's Links (10.9.11)

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  • “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Steve Jobs
  • Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011 Wired’s Steven Levy writes a beautiful and insightful eulogy.
  • The Man Who Inspired Jobs - A great bit of unknown history.
  • Apple The Crazy Ones - NEVER BEFORE AIRED 1997 with Steve’s narration. Inspiring
  • How to make movies of what the brain sees
  • Habits form when brainwaves slow down
  • Wiring the Brain: How Viruses Can Be Engineered to Trace Neural Connections
  • 10 Stories Behind Dr. Seuss Stories on the 20th Anniversary of His
  • BBC Dimensions: How Many Really? Great. Compares the # of people in historical events to the # of people in your life.
  • Storytelling: digital technology allows us to tell tales in innovative new
  • The Vignelli Subway Map Goes Digital : The New Yorker
  • Mobile HTML5 - compatibility tables for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad and other mobile devices
  • 50+ Articles to Make You a Better Web Designer
  • The evolution of the web
  • The Original Creators: Philip K. Dick
  • The Last Words Of 25 Famous Dead Writers
  • Audi Engineers a Metal Hummingbird for A6 Avant Spot
  • Good art is a kind of magic. DFW vs. Franzen vs. Vonnegut. /via @daringfireball
  • Danger Planet, An Animated Sci-Fi Short
  • The 12 coolest libraries in the world
  • The Rise and Rise of Datanomics - CNBC Business
  • The Next Great American Consumer: Infants to 3-Year-Olds
  • The 100 Lamest Excuses for Not Innovating
  • PBS Arts: Off Book - Episode 6: Street Art
  • TED Announcing Ads Worth Spreading, year 2
  • Classical Music’s ‘Genius’ Grant Recipients Pause to Reflect
  • Felicia Day on Being Creatively Bored and Developing Her Own
  • Twelve strategies for achieving your goals from the book
  • Forthcoming Tome ‘Mad Women’ Will Tell Other Side of Story
  • Rob Schwartz: The New Golden Age of Advertising Icons
  • Adobe Preparing to Launch Six New Creativity Apps for Tablets
  • Creativity Top 5: October 3, 2011
  • Adobe Acquires Web Typography Innovator Typekit this will contribute to better web typography going mainstream.
  • Boston Globe creates a Twitter board for the newsroom
  • The Twelve Attributes of a Truly Great Place to Work
  • Childhood being eroded by modern life, experts warn
  • Beth Comstock: You Have To Tell A Story, Before You Can Sell A
  • HEY WHIPPLE » Please give this essay your full attention. you suffer from continuous partial attention?
  • Project Classroom: Transforming Our Schools for the Future

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