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Steve Martin is on twitter. Get your @SteveMartinToGo.

Adweek compiles the 25 best ad people to follow on twitter.

Sesame Street has a tumbler! Classic clips.

Challenging your brain can delay dementia. But when it happens, symptoms progress more quickly.

Brian Eno describes new album as anthology of ‘sound-only movies’

The Acceleration of Addictiveness

Jennifer Egan: Gallery of a Writer’s Impulses

The Art of Momentum: Why Your Ideas Need Speed

A Dictionary of the Near Future by Douglas Coupland

Everything Is a Remix (Part One) - Must Watch Documentary

Creative Review - John Lloyd: 50 years in graphic design

Art Directors Club Announces Global Winners of ADC Young Guns 8 Competition For Creatives Age 30 and Under

Selling ‘Inception’: How Hollywood Marketing Works

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting

Want to choose your own adventure? There’s a books app for that.

The Vanity Fair 100 | The New Establishment 2010

Gustavo Dudamel with Vienna Philharmonic in free live webcast from Lucerne

Martin Scorsese chooses 15 gangster pictures that inspired him.

Writing better dialogue. A scriptcast by @johnaugust.

Creativity Top 5: September 13, 2010

Ready For Production: A Typographic Checklist

How Vanity Fair Revolutionized Type: 1930 Style

Deeper Behind the Work: Chris Milk on Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Machine.

Adobe Labs Releases Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack

The New Yorker profiles Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Interesting read on a polarizing figure.

Lanyrd | the social conference directory
5 Lessons From Longshot, a Magazine Made in 48 Hours

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