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Nature wastes no steps, wastes no resources. Nature adapts, improvises and finds the elegant solution. About a decade ago the BBC and Discovery Channel assembled a production team to document the hidden secrets of nature using the best of human ingenuity and the best technology available. After five years of grueling work the result was the eleven-part series Planet Earth, a must see for anyone working in a creative field.

Must see, not just for what it showed but how it was achieved. A filmmaker spent two weeks in the wilderness quietly waiting to capture this:

The same team is now back with Life, a ten-part series that explores the challenges of life on planet Earth. Life premieres (in the U.S.) on the Discovery Channel, Sunday, March 21, 8pm. Check your local listings and try to catch the series. It will surely inspire.

It is easy to think that we humans rule the animal kingdom. But take a look at these videos and see how animals survive with extraordinary imagination and “bizarre innovations.”

Click here to see the Vogelkop Bowerbird (with it’s “very appreciative eye for color”.)

Take a behind the scenes look:

From the colors of the rainbow, to the tides of the ocean, the impossibility of a hummingbird in flight, flying fish, the golden mean, fractals, and many other instances, life and nature prove to have the smartest creativity.

Life: web, wiki, twitter
Planet Earth: web, wiki


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