Gareth Kay: Brand Building in a Digital Age

One thing that holds true is the importance of storytelling -- it has worked since the Stone Age. How stories are told has changed with culture, though, and technology has shaped emerging culture and behavior very dramatically over the last 10 – 20 years. Most obviously, to quote Charles Vallance, we’ve moved from a download culture to an upload culture. As a result, old ways of storytelling are less relevant. Brands and communications used to be built on the consumption of a message and interruption; they were massive firework displays. Today, the conversation around brands is much more participatory. One thing that's changed, and should be of concern, is that people see brands as less important and meaningful now. The Havas Media Lab published some research that suggested most people wouldn't care if 70% of brands disappeared. Brands need to create real value in order to be meaningful and distinct. That means we have to think less about what our brand says and more about how a brand can be useful and helpful.

Gareth Kay, Chief Strategy Officer at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners interviewed as part of Think with Google The Brand New Series.