The Week's Links: 8/19/12

All the items posted to Facebook and Twitter this week:

  • "Misquotations are often stickier than actual quotes," Lincoln once joked. Why Misquotations Catch On
  • U.S. Tax Code is Four Times Longer Than Shakespeare's Complete Works, Not as
  • Disneyland's IR-controlled Mickey Mouse ears turn the crowd into a synchronized light
  • Where Do Sentences Come From? Thinking Patiently.
  • 4 Rules For Creating Interactive Content For A Multi-Platform, Multi-Device
  • The Philosophical Roots of Science
  • How Marin Alsop plans to put São Paulo Orchestra on the map
  • Reinventing the Seattle Symphony: The goal: become "a contemporary orchestra."
  • The Met Gets Spooky: Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Is Artist In Residence At 'The Met Reframed'
  • Discover the beauty of extreme Venn diagrams
  • Shakespeare finds a summer backdrop in Berlin
  • Dr. Michio Kaku's Playlist: Five Science Videos You Must See
  • Incredible raindrops on spiders - Stunning photography from Wired UK
  • Chocolate that’s good for you? Scientists create fruit-juice infused treat with all the benefits minus unhealthy fats
  • MoMA Unadulterated: Kids say the darndest things about MoMA's permanent
  • Fantastic: An archive of book cover designs and designers.
  • The Architecture of Memory
  • The ins and outs of Instapaper. Great
  • Loving MoMA's Century of the Child exhibition website.
  • The Filter Bubble In The [Google]
  • This Is Your Brain on 'Call Me Maybe': The Scientific Power of Music
  • Pallets: The single most important object in the global economy.
  • Meet the Dictionary's New Words: F-Bomb, Sexting, Bucket List
  • Algorithm predicts your location in 24 hours with 20-metre accuracy
  • 10 Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated In Video Games Using Valve's Source
  • How to Draw Inspiration In the “Publish Or Perish” Field of Academia
  • amiina: Mixing it up, Iceland
  • Steven Meisel shoots cinemagraphs for
  • 10 Rules for Students and Teachers (and Life) by John Cage and Sister Corita
  • The Winners from National Geographic's Traveler Photo Contest 2012.
  • Judge rules Facebook users can share friends' profiles with the feds
  • From STEM to STEAM: John Maeda on adding art to science
  • So Great: Taking eye-trickery to a whole new level – the otherworldly New Zealand sculpture park Gibbs Farm
  • Original Creators: Stop-Motion Animators Of The Surreal, The Brothers Quay
  • Splitscreen: A Love Story - wonderful short film shot entirely on a phone. Just in case you missed it.
  • Gorgeous: Passionately Dancing the Tango Underwater
  • MIT created Cardiio: Heart-Monitor App Works By Scanning The Blood In Your Face. Amazing how well it works.
  • A Critic’s Case for Critics Who Are Actually Critical
  • The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - Greg McKeown
  • The Olympics' Greatest Feat: An Unpaid, Highly Engaged Workforce of Volunteers - Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones
  • Now for some fun: 25 of the Best Dance Numbers in TV History
  • The Getty and Rome form cultural partnership, will exchange art
  • Tina Seelig: On Unleashing Your Creative Potential
  • A Clever Branding System For An Orchestra That Visualizes Sound
  • Gaming the library: holding books hostage and seeing who comes to free
  • 11 More Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent
  • "Shakespeare in the Park" turns
  • The algorithm that runs the world - physics-math
  • Sight: A Short Film About Augmented Reality & Gamification
  • 9 Reasons Why Failure Is Not
  • Replacing The Classroom-As-Factory With Collaborative Learning
  • How to Write a Great Novel: Junot Diaz, Anne Rice, Margaret Atwood and Other Authors
  • A St Petersburg’s cultural
  • What does the Mars rover have to do with art?
  • Bessies’ New Categories Limit Definitions of Dance
  • Kevin Kelly: The Future in 6 Verbs
  • Creative Review - London 2012: the creative Olympics
  • Why did it take me so long to discover this: The Martini FAQ /via @daringfireball
  • The Advertising Artwork of Dr.
  • A Student's Guide to Web Design
  • Celebrating 80 Years of LEGO
  • LEGO's 80th Birthday: An Animated
  • Little Big Details: A daily dose of UI
  • Official Olympics numbers: online engagement was mostly mobile
  • The Story of the Guitar: The Complete Three-Part Documentary
  • Creativity Top 5: August 13, 2012
  • A Look Back at Discovery's Killer Shark Week Ads
  • Creativity Top 5: August 13, 2012
  • He Hit Send: On the Awkward but Necessary Role of Technology in Fiction
  • Great interview with Watchmen legend Dave Gibbons
  • 20 Obscure Words to Describe
  • Seth Godin: Are you wow blind?
  • Before Green Eggs: See The Advertising Work Of Dr. Seuss
  • Publisher Pulls Controversial Thomas Jefferson Book, Citing Loss Of
  • Even in Death a Choreographer Is Mixing Art and Technology. The Merce Cunningham
  • Embracing The Remix: An Act To Promote The Progress Of Useful Arts
  • Paintings from the masters as pie
  • Form Is Content: On Fonts And
  • The Bard and Stratford... Ontario.
  • Song Reader, Beck’s New Album to be Released as Sheet Music Only
  • ASCII Pronunciation Rules for
  • Why Web Literacy Should Be Part of Every Education
  • How to Get Motivated for
  • 10 of the Coolest Niche Bookstores From Around the World
  • A Timeline Of Future Events Based on Literary Predictions
  • The IT Challenge of the London
  • Can We Quit It With the "Right Brain, Left Brain" Stuff Already?

Recommended this week:

Gone Girl: A Novel
By Gillian Flynn
The Sparrow
By Mary Doria Russell, Mary Doria Russell
Anansi Boys
By Neil Gaiman