Richard Branson Wants You To Be Good

The Bad Boy of Business Wants You to Be Good, by Chris Brogan, SUCCESS Magazine:

The first point you should realize when it comes to his leadership style is that Branson is fond of moving a strong brand and value DNA across all his pursuits, instead of keeping those concepts in a silo. This goes for all aspects of the business. The Virgin brand stands for many things, including a value for the money you spend, quality and fun. Branson has somehow mastered the ability to translate that sense of quirky not-quite-typical excellence across many verticals, from video games to mobile phones to airlines to health clubs. And now, more than ever, he is trumpeting his belief that business should also be a force for good and should help solve the world’s major issues.

This is a great interview. Branson discusses his leadership style, ties as metaphors for what's wrong with management and his must-read book Screw Business As Usual